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WAMTA Workshop Recordings

These workshop recordings and associated resources are available on the WAMTA Gumroad store.

Collaborative Piano Workshop

WAMTA and the AMEB (WA) presented a two hour workshop on 28th October 2021 via a discussion on how to use the Collaborative Piano Syllabus led by Adam Pinto and Gaby Gunders. This is the recording of that workshop.

Topics in the Collaborative Piano workshop include:

  • What is the Collaborative Piano Syllabus and why has it been introduced?
  • Why would our students benefit from playing Collaborative Piano? 
  • How is Collaborative Piano playing different from solo?
  • How to develop Collaborative Piano skills in a student
  • Which pieces can we use?
  • Who can play the collaborative part?
  • What will the examiner be looking for?

Effective Marketing for Music Teachers Workshop

This is 1.5 hours of a 2 hour workshop presented by Simone Collins on 19th January 2023 (additional discussion on more sensitive topics specific to the attendees has been edited out). Access the recording, slides in PDF format and links to some of the websites discussed.

This workshop will take you through practical steps to market yourself as a music teacher online effectively.

This workshop presented by Simone Collins includes: 

  • how to get clear on what your goals are before you embark on marketing
  • how to define your target audience (hint: it's not everyone!)
  • how to make yourself as attractive as possible to the right fit of students
  • where to focus your efforts for the best return on investment - and why you don't need to be jumping onto the latest social media trends.

Simone Collins is both a music teacher with a busy private studio that has run at capacity for years, and a marketing specialist with over 20 years of commercial experience.

Studio Policy Workshop

This 2 hour WA Music Teachers Association workshop was presented by Marina Knoote, Jocelyn Kotchie and Anastasia Buettner-Moore on 19th January 2022. The recording plus 3 sample studio policies are available for purchase.

Studio teachers have different ideas on how to operate their own studios.  However, all of us would like to have a studio working like a well-oiled machine: payments received on time, respectful relationship between parents, teacher, and students, and no unpleasant surprises when it comes to exams, auditions or competitions.

The Studio Policy Workshop will provide ideas and examples of strong well-working policies, as well as ways to implement them, and answer any questions relating to studio policies.

This workshop is presented by: 

  • Marina Knoote, WAMTA President and former lawyer who believes that strong studio policy is the foundation of a happy and respectful relationship between all parties; 
  • Jocelyn Kotchie, past WAMTA President and well-known music educator with a strong studio policy which she has implemented successfully over the years; 
  • Anastasia Buettner-Moore, past WAMTA Vice-President and owner of a busy music studio employing other teachers.

WordPress Websites Webinar

A 2 hour webinar was conducted by Simone Collins on 21st May 2023, with live demonstrations instead of slides, giving attendees the opportunity to ask questions and learn exactly what they would like to know about getting started with, or confidently managing their existing WordPress website. The recording is available for purchase.

WordPress is the most popular content management system for building websites, but despite being one of the most user-friendly options around, can still be daunting to use without some help!

Topics included: 

  • the differences between setting up a WordPress website on wordpress.com versus a self-hosted installation set up by a web developer
  • what the different sections of the management console are
  • what plugins and themes are
  • how to create and edit a page
  • how to create and edit a blog post
  • how to add pictures

Other MTA Workshop & Webinar Recordings

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