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Watch recordings of professional development workshops and webinars at your leisure.

Learn from top teaching and business professionals all over Australia. We regularly add to our collection of workshops and webinars organised by WAMTA. You will also find links to recordings provided by other Australian music teachers' associations.

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WAMTA Workshop Recordings

These workshop recordings and associated resources are available on the WAMTA Gumroad store.

Music Teaching Workshops & Webinars

Collaborative Piano Workshop
A two hour workshop on 28th October 2021 on how to use the Collaborative Piano Syllabus, led by AMEB examiners Adam Pinto and Gaby Gunders.

Developing Aural & Musicianship Skills Workshop
AMEB examiner Valerie Lang provided a practical a two hour workshop on 22nd February 2024 on how to develop aural and musicianship skills during instrumental lessons.

Exploring Rockschool Exams Webinar
A webinar presented by experienced Rockschool teacher Simone Collins on 14 May 2024 showcasing what Rockschool offers on the breadth of instruments available in Australia, plus preparation tips.

General Knowledge Mastery Webinar
A webinar presented by AMEB examiner Anastasia Buettner-Moore on 15th March 2024 on how to prepare your students for success in the General Knowledge component of exams,

Piano Technique & Technical Exercises Workshop
AMEB examiner Valerie Lang provided a practical a two hour workshop on 24th November 2023 on Piano Technique and AMEB Technical Exercises

Business Workshops & Webinars

Effective Marketing for Music Teachers Workshop
This is 1.5 hours of a 2 hour workshop presented by Simone Collins on 19th January 2023. Access the recording, slides in PDF format and links to some of the websites discussed.

Studio Policy Workshop
This 2 hour workshop was presented by Marina Knoote, Jocelyn Kotchie and Anastasia Buettner-Moore on 19th January 2022. Includes 3 sample studio policies.

WordPress Websites Webinar
A 2 hour webinar conducted by Simone Collins on 21st May 2023, with live demonstrations instead of slides to get started with and confidently manage a WordPress website.

Other MTA Workshop & Webinar Recordings

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