Exploring Rockschool Exams

Exploring Rockschool Exams

Are you curious about Rockschool exams, but don't know what's involved or where to start? Have you come from a classical background, and feel daunted about offering a contemporary option to your students?

In this workshop, Simone Collins walks through everything you need to know about Rockschool, with a demonstration of pieces and technical work through the online Rockschool Learning Platform. There is also a discussion about books (including method books), reference material and guides, exam options, and tips for preparing students for the various elements.

About the Presenter

WAMTA Secretary Simone Collins embraced the Rockschool syllabus early into its introduction in Australia, and finds most of her students enthusiastically select Rockschool when given a choice of options! Younger students beg to start preparing for exams when they hear what their older siblings are playing. With training in both classical piano and contemporary electronic organ, Rockschool has been a natural fit.

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Simone provided a two hour webinar on 14th May 2024 on Exploring Rockschool Exams. This is the recording of that workshop, plus the slides and additional links and resources.

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