Piano Technique Workshop

Would you like a technique ‘refresher’ to help you revive your teaching ideas? Would you like to update your knowledge and skills, or re-visit some ideas of how to provide technique choices for your students? 

In this workshop, Valerie Lang explores selected AMEB technical exercises from the Level 1 and 2 AMEB Technical Books and demonstrates their use in intermediate level piano repertoire.

About the Presenter

Valerie Lang is a well-known piano teacher, musician and music educator in Perth. She is an AMEB examiner, and mentors several teachers in her piano studio. Technical ease is a focus of Valerie’s teaching, and she loves to share her knowledge and ideas with anyone who wants to listen!

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Valerie Lang provided a practical a two hour workshop on 24th November 2023 on Piano Technique and AMEB Technical Exercises. This is the recording of that workshop.

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Testimonials for this Workshop

At Zenith Music Auditorium, on Friday 24th November 2023, nine teachers were present for a very informative, interesting and inspiring workshop by Valerie Lang. It was a workshop which was interactive and one in which we gained knowledge that would definitely enhance our teaching.

Examples from pieces from the AMEB series 18 books and piano for leisure books were demonstrated.

Technique tips covered were:
1) Posture - weight in the lower part of the body
2) To have a natural fall of the arm
3) Natural position of the hand
4) Using soft clay tubs for finger strength
5) Table Tennis Paddle for leaning on side with the melody
6) Sticky thumb - thinking thumb is glued to the key, thumb is stuck to the key
7) PVC rolling pin for legato rolling and transference of weight
8) Elbow circles / Footy swing for arpeggio playing

Technical exercises in the Series 18 preliminary to grade 4 and the grade 5 to 8 books were discussed according to:

  • Movement involving rotation of the forearm • Thumb passing exercises
  • Chords and wrist movement
  • Hand extension and contractions
  • Leans
  • Wrist movement
Karen Goh

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