Theatre Organ Society Concert – April 2024

WAMTA Secretary Simone Collins is also on the committee of the Theatre Organ Society Australia (WA Division), and has issued an open invitation for WAMTA members and their students to perform at TOSA concerts. Marlene Romeo recently took this offer up.

On 7th April 2024 the Theatre Organ Society’s monthly Musical Afternoon took place at the John Leckie Music Pavilion in Nedlands. Interspersed between an array of delightful pieces performed on the Theatre Organ and Piano by members of TOSA, were for the first time some of my violin students and myself.

As it was during the school holidays, there were just 12 students (of the over 50 I teach weekly) ranging from ages 5 - 16, varying from beginner to Associate Diploma level. We had some siblings accompany each other too, which was great. For almost half of them it was their very first performance ever. Everyone gave their best and it was fantastic to see their hard work pay off. As added inspiration for my students I performed at the end one of Sarasate’s most virtuosic pieces, Zigenuerweisen, with my brother Michael accompanying on piano. It was lovely to perform to an attentive and appreciative audience. During the break we were all given a tour of the theatre organ too, which was very interesting.

Thanks very much to Simone Collins, TOSA WA President Rodney Raymond and TOSA for giving us this wonderful opportunity to share our music and also be entertained by the amazing theatre organ!

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