Effective Marketing for Music Teachers Workshop

This workshop will take you through practical steps to market yourself as a music teacher online effectively.

This workshop presented by Simone Collins includes: 

  • how to get clear on what your goals are before you embark on marketing
  • how to define your target audience (hint: it's not everyone!)
  • how to make yourself as attractive as possible to the right fit of students
  • where to focus your efforts for the best return on investment - and why you don't need to be jumping onto the latest social media trends.

About the Presenter

Simone Collins is both a music teacher with a busy private studio that has run at capacity for years, and an award winning web developer and marketing specialist with over 20 years of commercial experience.

Purchase / Access this Workshop Recording

This is 1.5 hours of a 2 hour workshop presented by Simone Collins on 19th January 2023 on Effective Marketing for Music Teachers. (Additional discussion on more sensitive topics specific to the attendees has been edited out). Access the recording, slides in PDF format and links to some of the websites discussed.

After you have watched this recording: Request a PD certificate.

Testimonials for this Workshop

The marketing workshop course was well presented with practical application for music teachers.
My understanding about advertising a music teacher's skills was very much expanded.
For example, Simone presented what a potential parent is looking for in a good music teacher. Obviously, it is not just about "blowing our own trumpet". (I am sorry to trumpet teachers and players here.)
The course has helped me with what and how I can put my knowledge, experiences and passion across to potential students. Simply help them see that their music teacher is a person that they can easily relate to.
Additionally, we have been encouraged to set-up our own social media platform or use already available means of communication like Google "My Business" page, and "Music teachers online"
If you have missed that course, I would encourage any teacher, even if you feel well established, to purchase it from the WAMTA site.

Ted Michalak

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