Studio Policy Workshop

Studio teachers have different ideas on how to operate their own studios.  However, all of us would like to have a studio working like a well-oiled machine: payments received on time, respectful relationship between parents, teacher, and students, and no unpleasant surprises when it comes to exams, auditions or competitions.

The Studio Policy Workshop provides ideas and examples of strong, well-working policies, as well as ways to implement them.

About the Presenters

This workshop is presented by: 

  • Marina Knoote, WAMTA President and former lawyer who believes that strong studio policy is the foundation of a happy and respectful relationship between all parties; 
  • Jocelyn Kotchie, past WAMTA President and well-known music educator with a strong studio policy which she has implemented successfully over the years; 
  • Anastasia Buettner-Moore, past WAMTA Vice-President and owner of a busy music studio employing other teachers.

Purchase / Access the Recording of this Workshop

This 2 hour WA Music Teachers' Association workshop on developing an effective Studio Policy was presented on 19th January 2022. The recording plus 3 sample studio policies are available for purchase.

After you have watched this recording: Request a PD certificate.

Testimonials for this Workshop

The workshop was informative, interesting and interactive. Teachers were given the opportunity to ask questions to the presenters. Many good ideas on how to operate our own studios were given, which greatly helped us in making up our policies.

Karen Goh

The course gave me great examples towards reforming my own T&Cs in a way that now suits my personality and studio workings much better. I had some big decisions I needed to make and enforce: it is reducing stress already, and effecting better respect.

Catt Reid

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