Developing Aural & Musicianship Skills Workshop

Do you have time to develop your students' aural skills in your instrumental lessons?

No matter how long the instrumental lesson is, there never seems to be enough time to include all the musical aspects which assist us to develop "well-rounded" musicians.

How do we help develop the aural skills required for the aural tests in the comprehensive AMEB Examinations? And how do we fit it all in? Students who use a "Repertoire" syllabus also benefit from developing their aural skills, even if they aren't explicitly tested on it.

It does take planning by the teacher to teach and include practice of all sections of the exam during lessons. It is possible to develop our students' aural skills throughout the technical work, repertoire, sight reading and general knowledge elements of instrumental lessons!

In this workshop, AMEB Examiner and Independent Music Education Consultant Valerie Lang demonstrates how she does just that. See how she incorporates aural and musicianship training from the very beginning. You'll also find exercises, tips and tricks to assist with the aural tests for each grade of the AMEB examinations.

About the Presenter

Valerie Lang is a well-known piano teacher, musician and music educator in Perth. She is an AMEB examiner, and mentors several teachers in her piano studio. Valerie loves to share her knowledge and ideas with anyone who wants to listen!

It was a very informative and motivating Aural workshop. Val is a great speaker.  I really gathered many good ideas. 

Julie Taylor

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Valerie Lang presented this practical session with short exercises to include in your music lessons to develop your students' aural and musicianship skills on 22nd February 2024. This is a recording of that workshop.

After you have watched this recording: Request a PD certificate.

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