Enhancing Students’ Creativity & Aural Imagination

Calling all music educators! Join the Queensland Music Teachers' Association for a transformative experience with renowned musician and educator, Mark Hooper. In this exclusive online workshop, delve into the art of playing music as a truly 'recreative' experience.

When: 9am - 10:30am AWST Sunday 25th February 2024

Where: via Zoom - recording will be available

  • Unlock the Power of Imagination: Mark Hooper's workshop is designed to help music teachers tap into the boundless realm of imagination-based experiences. Discover practical strategies to cultivate creativity in both yourself and your students, fostering a deeper connection with the music.
  • Practical Insights for Every Musician: Whether you're a seasoned instructor or just starting your teaching journey, this workshop offers a treasure trove of practical insights. Mark Hooper will guide you through hands-on exercises and share valuable techniques that you can seamlessly integrate into your lessons.
  • Inspire Your Students: Learn how to ignite the spark of imagination in your students, encouraging them to view music as more than just notes on a page. Mark's approach will empower you to create an engaging and dynamic learning environment that sparks curiosity and passion for music.
  • Elevate Your Teaching Style: Explore innovative teaching methods that go beyond the traditional and venture into the realms of imagination and creativity. Mark Hooper's workshop will inspire you to infuse your lessons with fresh ideas, ensuring a richer and more fulfilling experience for both you and your students.

Don't miss this opportunity to rejuvenate your teaching approach and bring the magic of 'recreating' music into your studio. Secure your spot now for a workshop that promises to transform the way you and your students perceive and play music!

About Mark Hooper

Mark Hooper is currently the QMTA President, and has extensive experience in playing and teaching piano at all skill levels.

A graduate of the Old Conservatorium and Royal College of Music London, he also studied at the Banff Centre Canada.

Mark loves to pass on the wealth of his experience from some of the best teachers in the world with whom he studied, in Australia, England and Canada. As a student, he taught 3-5yr olds in the Yamaha Junior Music Course, and has subsequently taught young performing professionals in the Brisbane and the UK.  Mark taught piano at Oxford University for 6 years, where he ran courses for piano teachers to teach especially young children. He also supervised local piano teachers.


This workshop is part of a series of events being held along with QMTA's Annual General Meeting. This is the option to select when registering:

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