A perk for WAMTA Teaching and Accredited Teaching members is a FREE MusicApprentice teacher account. This represents a saving of $195 per annum.

Assign tasks to your students and monitor your students’ engagement progress with an array of useful metrics in real time.

For students requiring a bit of extra guidance, MusicApprentice's new Pathway provides:

  • a progressive journey with which to discover all the key learning areas to ensure musical literacy; and
  • comprehension of concepts via tutorials, practice quizzes, resources for further exploration, and graded assessments.

A new generative AI system now provides a level of formative assessment entirely exclusive to MusicApprentice. Students’ strengths and weaknesses are presented through your choice of curriculum-aligned filters. 

MusicApprentice Subscription Code

A unique Subscription code is required to set up your MusicApprentice account. Please contact the WAMTA Secretary to request your code.

The first time you visit MusicApprentice, please select "Create Account". You will need to enter the Subscription code into one of the fields in the registration form.

Need Help?

Should you require any help with getting registered or using the software, you can

  • see the Help page on the Gradus Software website, or alternatively you can always
  • send an email

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