Webinar with Daniel McFarlane

Inspiring Young Pianists: A fun, modern and holistic pedagogical approach for beginners with Daniel McFarlane

Embark on a journey of musical discovery with Daniel McFarlane, renowned Brisbane composer, educator, and the mastermind behind SuperSonics Piano. Join the QMTA for a transformative workshop tailored for piano teachers eager to revolutionize their approach for beginners.

Daniel McFarlane introduces a refreshing pedagogical method, blending Kodály and Dalcroze techniques with his acclaimed Supersonics Primer Method series. Dive into innovative strategies designed to captivate young learners and lay a holistic foundation for their musical journey.

For the last part of this workshop, Daniel will give tips on learning, practicing and performing his pieces which are listed in the current exam syllabi for AMEB, ANZCA, St Cecilia, AGMS & Con Brio.

Key Highlights:

  • Sound First Approach: Cultivate a deep connection between sound and symbol, guiding students from imitation to confident performance
  • Pentatonic Solfege: Develop a keen musical ear through the mastery of pentatonic solfege, nurturing both perfect and relative pitch
  • Rhythm Simplification: Build a solid rhythmic foundation with focused exercises on playing and silence
  • Technical Development: Enhance technical skills through engaging finger exercises and progressive techniques
  • Creative Exploration: Foster creativity and collaboration through rote pieces, teacher duets, and student compositions
  • Interactive Learning: Embrace dynamic home practice with engaging "singing and signing” videos
  • Tips on teaching listed exam pieces

Don't miss this opportunity to refresh your teaching approach and explore the innovative Primer series that promises to make learning the piano a joyous and rewarding experience. Join Daniel McFarlane's workshop and embark on a journey to inspire and empower your beginner pianists!

About Daniel McFarlane

Daniel McFarlane is a prolific composer, educator, and performer who began composing in 2006. His compositions and various piano methods, which are featured on his SuperSonics Piano website, are the culmination of years of practical experience teaching piano, theory, and composition since. To ensure the quality of his works, all pieces were carefully tested and approved by his own students and are now very popular amongst piano teachers and students all over the world.

In addition to his work as a composer, Daniel has conducted workshops on composition and teaching for numerous organizations, including the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, the Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference, and for music teachers across Australia. He has also served as an adjudicator for various competitions and as an examiner throughout the country.

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