Peripatetic Teacher Guidelines

A peripatetic teacher in the context of music is defined as an instrumental teacher who travels between schools, often more than one.

peripatetic teacher guidelines cover page

WAMTA has created guidelines which outline many of the considerations that instrumental teachers should take into account when evaluating the suitability of working in any school in a peripatetic capacity.

These guidelines cover:

  • Rates of pay
  • Missed lesson policies
  • Additional commitments
  • Scheduling
  • Lesson rooms
  • Communication
  • Professional development

Please note that this document merely serves as a guide and is in no way enforceable as every school is different. It is intended to provide teachers with useful insights and questions to ask their potential employers during an interview process, before engaging in any working agreements.

These guidelines have been compiled based on survey data collected about the the experiences of local peripatetic teaching members. These responses have provided reasonable benchmarks in Western Australia and suggestions for each consideration.

The Peripatetic Teacher Guidelines are freely available to all. The report of the results of the survey is likewise available to those who would find it useful.

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