Free Workshops at WAAPA

Ignite your creativity, develop your musicianship and increase your confidence with WAAPA’s range of FREE one-day weekend music workshops.


Whether you’re a student wanting to turbocharge your WACE music exam, a music teacher wanting to extend your knowledge, or a musician wanting to boost your performance skills, there’s a workshop for you.

You will be taught by WAAPA’s world-class lecturers – all consummate professional musicians in their own right – for free.

So just sign up, come along, and enjoy the expertise that’s on offer at one of the world’s leading performing arts academies.

  • ATAR Set Works - Sat 16 March
  • Classical FasTRACK 1.0 - Sun 21 April
  • Sax festival / Massed Sax Day 1 - Sat 25 May
  • Sax festival / Massed Sax Day 2 - Sun 26 May
  • Percussion Pandemonium - Sun 9 June
  • Jazz Workshop 2024 - Sat 13 July
  • Classical FasTRACK 2.0 - Sunday 21 July & Sat 10 August
  • Amy Beach’s Gaelic Symphony Revealed - Sat 17 August

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