Register a Student Forum Performance

WAMTA Teachers can register students to attend the student forum

WAMTA Teachers can register up to 3 students to perform in each Student Forum.

Since the concerts are only 1 hour long, numbers of entries are limited. We ask teachers to please be considerate of the need to allow a variety of teachers to have the opportunity to enter students.

Higher grade students are asked to select a single movement of a larger work, to allow time for other students to perform as well.

Registration Period

The online entry form opens 2 weeks before the next Student forum. WAMTA Members will be sent an email advising when registrations are open.

Entries will remain open

  • until the Wednesday preceding the concert, or
  • when we receive enough performances to fill an hour-long concert,

whichever comes first. Entries usually fill before the Wednesday, so be sure to register your students early.

Entries will be finalised on the Thursday preceding the concert, to allow sufficient time to organise the programs. Changes after this time cannot be accepted.

2024 Student Forum Dates

Forum DatesRegistration Opens
2nd March14th February
6th April13th March
4th May17th April
1st June15th May
6th July19th June
3rd August17th July
7th September14th August
5th October18th September
2nd November16th October

Entry Form

Please log in to register entries for the Student Forum.

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