COVID19 Guidelines for Music Teachers

A number of teachers have asked for guidance as the COVID19 situation evolves in Western Australia.

When we have queried the covid hotline, they've referred to what the advice for "teachers" in general is. There is no specific guidance for private tutors.

  • If one wants to argue that they aren't in a school but simply having visitors to their home, then any requirements applying to visitors to the home would apply.
  • Teachers who work in a school should follow the policies set out by the school. Private teachers who run their own business are free to set their own policies, in line with government requirements.

Please be aware that WAMTA can only advise according to the WA Government guidelines. Teachers should make their own decisions in accordance with these guidelines.

Do Teachers need to be Vaccinated?

"Teachers" came under Group 2 industries and occupations. The advice there was:

  • First dose by 31 December 2021 
  • Fully vaccinated by 31 January 2022

Proof of Vaccination Requirement

The current proof of vaccination requirements are available at The advice there that is most relevant is:

  • Community sport and school-based events, unless at one of the specific venues listed, are excluded from the proof of vaccination requirement.

If you as an individual teacher wish to ask for proof of vaccination from parents then that's a personal choice that can be taken, but at present it isn't a requirement. 

Face to Face Lessons

Unless a lockdown is called which restricts leaving the home / having visitors to the home, face-to-face private music lessons can take place where both the teacher and parents are comfortable doing so provided that social distancing and healthy hygiene continue to be observed.

This includes:

  • Maintaining a 1.5 m distance from your student
  • Only allowing parents / siblings in to lessons if your studio is large enough to accommodate them
  • Cleaning / disinfecting instruments and all handled surfaces between each student
  • Advising parents / students that they must not attend lessons if they are in any way unwell or exhibiting any cold or flu-like symptoms or have a temperature.

Teachers do not need to wear a mask while teaching.

  • For piano teachers, if you have access to a second piano / keyboard in your room, we would suggest that you can demonstrate on one keyboard while the student is seated at another. 

We would also recommend that you observe stringent hand washing / sanitizing protocols for when students enter your studio and when using the bathroom.

We have put together a poster (available as a PNG or PDF - updated on 5 June 2020) that you can use in your studio or on your website / Facebook pages to help communicate to parents these expectations going forward.

WAMTA also fully supports those teachers who would prefer to continue with remote teaching.

For more information

For up-to-date information about covid19 requirements, the best authoratative sites to check are:

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