Tickets to Attend Student Forum

ALL Student Forum attendees are asked to please register / purchase their tickets online in advance using the form below.

This help us to easily contact attendees in the unlikely event that we need to reschedule. It also helps minimise dealing with cash on the day, reducing the need for change, and helping us get the performances underway faster.

WAMTA Teachers attend for free, and are encouraged to be present to support their students.

Attendance Fees

In 2023, we changed the attendance fees and ticketing.

All students should be accompanied by an appropriate adult. Rather than individual tickets for audience members, a performer's family now only needs to purchase 1 audience ticket per performer/family. This is group ticket which enables performers to bring as many family and friends along to watch as they wish at no extra cost.

  • WAMTA Financial Member tickets are free
  • Performing students and accompanist tickets are free
  • An audience group ticket for family and friends of the performer costs $20

Purchase Tickets

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